About Us

The San Pedro  Foundation is a California charitable non-profit, corporation – a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code.  The federal tax ID number for the foundation (EIN) is 86-2667205. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law



SPEF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the enhancement and advocacy of the public schools in San Pedro. Through the leadership efforts of the foundation in fundraising, researching, developing, and marketing our public schools, long-term partnerships continue to be built with educators, families, local government and the business community to strengthen our schools from kindergarten through high school.


The San Pedro Education Foundation (SPEF) can provide funds for all our schools where local PTA’s can’t and where government funding doesn’t.


Our main goal is to support and enhance an excellent education for all of our children in our local public schools. 

To do this, we feel we must have:

  • Great Teachers

  • Productive Classroom Time

  • Diverse Student community

  • Choice Of Enrichment Activities

  • Safe And Stimulating Environment

  • Secure Path From K-12 In Our Neighborhood


Our Origin Story

The idea for the San Pedro Education Foundation was born from the experiences of our founders, who grew up in San Pedro. Our community has deep roots and deeper pride.

But we also understand many students, staff and schools face numerous challenges in their pursuit of providing a world-class education. Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough resources to go around. 


We also discovered that these needs often go unmet simply because of lack of community awareness. Foundations with similar missions exist in other towns for this very same reason and are able to close such gaps with great success.

It became clear that San Pedro could benefit greatly from our own educational foundation. With this in mind, they brought together a group of dedicated individuals from various backgrounds to form the San Pedro Education Foundation.


Our Mission


Our mission is to empower and enrich the educational experiences of K-12 students in our community by providing access to resources, programs, and opportunities that foster academic excellence, personal growth, and civic engagement.

How will we accomplish this goal?


  1. Assist in providing access to high-quality educational resources/experiences and programs that support academic achievement and personal development that traditional funding might not meet.

  2. Building partnerships with local schools, businesses, and organizations to promote community engagement and support for our mission.

  3. Help support teachers and staff in creating safe and inclusive spaces for youth to learn, grow and develop positive relationships.

  4. Providing opportunities for youth to participate in innovative extracurricular activities and enrichment programs that foster creativity and self-expression. This includes but is not limited to; robotics, entrepreneurship, and the arts.

  5. Offering mentorship and guidance to help youth set and achieve personal and educational goals.


Join Us In Making A Difference In The Lives of San Pedro Students!